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Recycle Up! Ghana

A project from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Accra , Ghana

Awareness is the key to create sustainable solutions for the waste problem in Ghana.

Julia Möller
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About this project

The campus of the  Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) and also many parts of the city are flooded annually because of heavy rain falls. Actually, not the heavy rain falls are the cause of floods, but the blockage of the sewers because of waste. To solve this problem, Campus Dustbin Project (CDP) has been established.

The idea of CDP is to create consciousness for waste segregation and recycling in the minds of the high-educated citizens of Cape Coast and spreading the project to local schools after it is proved to be successful.

Dustbin systems, that are produced and designed at a local school workshop, will be set up at suitable sites throughout the whole campus. A dustbin system consists of one bin for plastic waste and another one for non-plastic waste. Regularly, the dustbins will be emptied by the university’s staff and the waste will be gathered at a dumpsite at the campus. A recycling company will buy and pick up the plastic waste. The profit will be reinvested in the project for maintaining the waste management system. Apart from that, the project will be accompanied by different lectures, events and workshops for all university members.

To realize the vision of a clean and healthy environment and to combat floods, we need your support! With Your donation you can help us, getting one step closer to this great goal.