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Tierfreunde für Naxos eV collect commodity contributions and cash donation

Neuss, Germany

Tierfreunde für Naxos e.V. collect commodity contributions and cash für Katzen und Hunde auf Naxos. It is our aim to permanently provide the little Greek society for animal protection NAWS in Naxos with dog- and cat food.

F. Sievering from Tierfreunde für Naxos e.V.
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Our charitable society arose from the Facebook event ‚Futterbruecke fuer die Naxos Animal Welfare Society‘ It is our aim to permanently provide the little Greek society for animal protection NAWS in Naxos with dog- and cat food.

Therefore we will continuously collect commodity contributions and cash donations as well as organize the transport.

Very IMPORTANT and for a better understanding: There is absolutely no government support in Greece as we have it here in Germany. EVERYTHING happens by individual initiatives, autonomously and with personal contribution.

Since two years, there is a law in Greece making the communities responsible for strays but only few have applied themselves to that job. Most of the big cities, as well as the islands are said to have their own laws. The economy crisis in Greece makes it even worse, state resources are needed and used for other projects.

Filozoiki, which is he Greek name of the ‘Naxos Animal Welfare Society‘, is a small group of volunteers who got together in 2005. They are all really nice people who set themselves to take care of straying and abused animals, day after day. They are permanently living on Naxos and are therefore able to improve the situation in the long run and sustainably.

NAWS was officially approved immediately but, as said already, don’t receive any support by the local authorities, all their expenses must be covered by donations.

Before the NAWS was founded in 2005, there was no organized aid at all to help and protect the straying animals of Naxos. The work is being done by volunteers, heroes of everyday life, who, with boundless love for animals, accept any effort to help the strays. Every single volunteer daily sacrifices at least four hours of his/her leisure time.

Without the daily efforts of the NAWS team no stray would be able to survive on Naxos. In the past, putting down poison was the usual practice of the authorities to avoid overpopulation of straying animals.

There is a reception camp for dogs (the shelter) and cats settlements, where the animals are taking care of optimally.