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G. Lwana
G. Lwana wrote on 13-11-2008

Greetings from Organization for Good Life of the Marginalized (OGLM) based in Jinja Eastern Uganda E.Africa.


OGLM’s Vision “society that is free from HIV/AIDS, poverty & recognizes the needs of the marginalized” while its purpose of existence (Mission) “Reduce poverty and HIV/AIDS among the marginalized especially the women and children in Uganda through socio-economic empowerment, advocacy & information sharing” OGLM Mission & Vision are guided with the Values of equality, integrity, self determination and learning.


We work with and for a total of 782 Orphans & Vulnerable Children in Eastern Uganda in areas of Education, Sports & Games and HIV/AIDS access to Drugs and Treatment. Apart from that we also have an Orphanage Home for 42 HIV/AIDS Orphans in Buwaiswa Kamuli and Educational Center for the Orphans in Buwaiswa Community also in Kamuli Uganda. This Educational center has 382 Orphans from the Community. We are also putting in place a Vocational and Life Skills training center for school drop and orphans who can’t make it to colleges and higher education. This Center will have a capacity of 200 students aged 15yrs to 25yrs.


OGLM also works with 220 Grannies – Grandmothers/old women aged between 50yrs -75yrs we empower them to be able to look after their HIV/AIDS orphaned Grandchildren. OGLM is also working with 85 single mothers and widows - Women.


OGLM runs a weekly HIV/AIDS clinic for youths. We also run a Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights program targeting the youths in High Schools, School Drop outs and single parents.


Our broad programs are;- Health & Care, Education, Sexual Reproductive Health, Orphanage, food Security and Social – development. Vocational & Life Skills Training Center - Education, Access to safe clean water, advocacy and lobbying, health center and access to markets for the rural agriculture program.


OGLM - Uganda is currently looking for potential partners around the world who we can work with, network and partner with this 2009/12. OGLM is willing to share and discuss with you more details on her work, partnerships and ideas and references. Also visit our web site it has some more information much as not so much updated.



Grace Lwana (Director of Programmes)Organization For Good Life of the Marginalized (OGLM)Mvule Crescent 46 Opposite 3rd Lane, P.O.Box 19 Jinja Uganda E.Africa Tel +256-434-120528 or +256-434-122840 Fax +256-434-121322Cel ++256 - 782-814533 or 256-774-157705  or +256-392-822548E-mail:


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