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The Play Town Project Mini-Munich – A 40-Year Success Story

München, Germany

Mini-Munich – Dates & Facts Mini-Munich takes place every two years at the Zenith-Hall of Munich. Mini-Munich is the largest municipal holiday programme of the City of Munich and is visited by up to 2500 children every day.

D. Baginski from Kultur & Spielraum e.V. | 
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About this project

Mini-Munich – The Small Town within the Big Town

The topic of Mini-Munich is that of a town: how does city life work, how the administration, local politics, the cycle of work, money and consumption? The Play Town reflects everyday life in a big city in sections so that it can become accessible to the experience of children. This refers both to its structural elements and to its orchestration regarding space – the reality of the big city thus remains connectable to the world of children developed with imagination and vice versa. It is the bridges between these realities 

Institutions of Mini-Munich
Citizen registry, employment office and bank, crafts centre and workshops, department store and market, town hall and its administration, newspaper, TV, radio, university and research town, art academy and theatre, restaurant and parents café, environment office and garbage removal, garden centre and nursery, planning office and building yard, advertising agency and print shop, library, film workshop, hospital, fairground, circus, sports area, embassies, museum …and many more. 
The children take on the various professional roles in all areas and at the same time they manage on their own everyday transactions: they are in charge of employment, salaries and wages, purchase and sale as well as pricing, and they make contact between the different municipal institutions and as citizens get involved in the most different ways and forms.

Mini-Munich –Town of the Children
The children are the protagonists and doers in their town. Due to few rules, the game can be started right away. More than 800 work places wait for the children. The play money is, after the deduction of a tax, saved and can be spent at the department store, restaurant, cinema or theatre. Over 500 university places are offered every day and studying is paid the same as working. Children as well as adults are professors and impart their knowledge. 
Mini-Munich International – a Window to the World
The addendum „International“ takes account of the fact that Munich is home to children from many nationalities who are more than welcome as citizens of the Play Town. Special topics contribute to the encounter and exchange between children themselves. At the Europe play area, exhibitions like „Life of Children in Favelas“ or „Toys from all over the world“, and in theme houses, like the Japanese Tea House, curiosity for the foreign is piqued and integrated into Play Town life. 
By setting up foreign „embassies“ on a weekly basis, which are prepared for Mini-Munich by children of the respective countries (and to some part in the Play Towns there), cultural diversity can be meaningfully presented and can be experienced by all citizens of Mini-Munich in an immediate and authentic way. This year children from Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, South America, Japan and India are expected.

Updated at 18. March 2020

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