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Paul's journey around the world

A project from GSE e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm a waterdrop. In this project you can follow my journey from Bolivia through India to Germany and see, how I meet again with my friend Paulina.

A. Hammoud
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About this project

Paul and his girlfriend Paulina are waterdrops, sleeping in the ice of Illimani, a glacier in Bolivia, near La Paz. When the sun wakes them up, their journey around the world starts, and they loose each other. They meet lot of month's later in a kitchen in Berlin.... The waterdrops are our travelguides: on every station the children learn more about the country where Paul or Paulina are landing. The main focus is, of course, water - but also the daily life in Bolivia, India, Senegal, Germany and other regions, children's rights, agriculture and many other things are on the agenda. In creative workshops our target groups can show how they understood global problems of water.