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Closed Project communication Flussbad Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Closed Project communication Flussbad Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Flussbad is a vision of the transformation of the Spree Canal in the historical centre in Berlin into a new urban space with a re-naturalised area, a natural plant filter and a 840 metre section between Schlossplatz and Bode-Museum accessible to all.

Susanne B. from Flussbad Berlin e.V. | 
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About this project

One day, when visitors to the Flussbad Berlin swim their laps in the crystal clear water of the Spree, we will know for certain that we have successfully implemented a very special project. The Flussbad will not only clean a section of the Spree Canal, it is also set to contribute to the sustainable development of Berlin. The Flussbad will attract residents and guests to the centre of the city, thus granting Berlin's historical core an additional, forward-looking role as a place to explore many of society's current values and issues, including ecology, sustainability and participation. In other words, the Flussbad is about much more than just swimming in the Spree.

The Flussbad Berlin project seeks to transform the banks of the Spree River and Spree Canal into a new meeting place for urban society. Our goal is to focus on the river, and make it a fresh lifeline at the centre of Berlin – accessible to all and open to new experiences.

In other words, the oldest, most historic site in Berlin could simultaneously become its most modern setting. The Flussbad Berlin is a sustainable, forward-looking urban development project and would complement the museum culture already present at the site in an ideal manner. Indeed, the Flussbad Berlin would transform the Spree Canal into a new urban space. Three sections are foreseen within the project area, which extends over a length of roughly 1.8 kilometres from the Fischerinsel to the Bode-Museum: a re-naturalised area, a natural plant filter area adjacent to the Federal Foreign Office where the Spree water would be cleaned and, finally, a 840 metre section between Schlossplatz and Bode-Museum where visitors would have access for the first time to a fresh river in line with the principles of ecology.

The Flussbad project seeks to take up its place in the tradition of historic river baths as well as in the unvarying transformation along the banks of the Spree Island over the course of centuries. By making the Spree accessible to all and thus raising awareness among the urban population, the project also sees itself as part of an international movement that puts the spotlight back on urban rivers as valuable resources. In recognition of these factors, the project is being supported by the German Federal Government and the State of Berlin. The Flussbad has the potential not only to benefit the economy of Berlin, but also to generate added social value for the city.
Updated at 18. September 2020