Funded Room to Dream - School libraries

An aid project by “Room to Read” (E. Velasco) in Bengaluru, India

E. Velasco (Project Manager)

E. Velasco
€ 3500,- Contribute to our "Room to Dream" Campaign to expand our number of libraries from 5,000 to 10,000 by 2010. For € 3500,- you can fund one of thousands of libraries we are creating to reach an additional 3 million children with books and library resources. You can designate your gift to establish a library within an existing room in a school for example in India. Each of these libraries serves hundreds of students annually and includes as many as 300-1000 local language and English language books (depending on the size of the room). Your sponsorship funds the creation of a child-friendly learning environment that includes: books, furniture, games, puzzles, posters, librarian training, and three years of support from Room to Read. As a sponsor, you will receive quarterly reports on our Reading Room  Program detailing the progress we are making across all of our geographies as we scale from 5,000 to 10,000 libraries.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin.

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Location: Bengaluru, India

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