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Funded 275 Subsistence Farmers ICT Agricultural Project

Suspension of ICT Trainings to 115 farmers

G. Namuene
G. Namuene wrote on 19-08-2009

Dear all due to lack of finance to create our own sustainable ICT internet training center, which is the pepose we launched this project over to search for funds to help us create  a community internet ICT training center, we have suspended trainings to 115 registered farmers and another 225 have registered and they are in the waiting list.


So if we cant create an ICT training center we shall suspend the activity of ICT trainings but continue with climate chnage and organic farming trainings tuill when we secure funds to train them.



In another news three farners pigs gave birth to 18, 16 14 offsprings last week respectively and we are planning a climate education community training program to come up in december 2009.

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