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An aid project by “Friends of Cats Association” (Linda C.) in Oradea, Romania

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Linda C. (Project Manager)

Linda C.
Will 2014 be another year of struggle? Will we make it again to see the end of it? Help us raise the money needed for food and veterinary services for 3 months for our cats!

2013 has been a very, very difficult year. Looking back on the sustained effort of those involved in cat rescuing, on the situations when all we could feel was desperation and hopelessness, all I can say is: "Congratulations to all the volunteers! And THANK YOU to those who helped!" Nobody could have foreseen what was coming and still, nobody backed off. Instead, they pushed themselves to the limit, and even beyond, and fought for what we all believe in: CATS.

In August 2013, the number of our cats reached 90 - and consider that we can shelter only 50! Then how? We improvised smaller rooms and used every free corner we could find. That's how we managed.

The good news is that the number of our adopted cats reached 78 at the end of 2013 - the highest in 4 years of existence and we're very proud of this. This also allowed us to save more!

But we need help! Desperately! Cats need food and veterinary care, vaccines and treatments, not to mention operating expenses like rent, gas, water, electricity. There are days when we struggle to find solutions for feeding them another day, or for paying for medicine.

We presently have 59 cats in our care. Some of them will get adopted soon, we're optimistic about that! But spring is coming - beautiful season, but spring also brings many, many abandoned kittens who will need our help.

So, will YOU stand by our side and support us in our effort? Will YOU be the one that makes a difference for cats and kittens saved from the streets? If your answer is YES, then you are truly our HERO.

Hoping for a good year, trusting that we will be able to save many cats, believing in our work,

The Volunteers

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Location: Oradea, Romania

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  • Some of our cats!

    Uploaded at 16-01-2014

  • Saved together with their mom, from the streets. The mom raises her own 5 and another 3, abandoned in a bag when they were just few days old.

    Uploaded at 13-06-2013

  • All you have to do is sit down and they'll come to you. Some of them miss their mom very much...

    Uploaded at 13-06-2013

  • She would have never opened her eyes to the world, if she wouldn't have been found together with her mom...

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  • Uploaded at 13-06-2013

  • Uploaded at 13-06-2013

  • The little ones like sleeping together

    Uploaded at 13-06-2013

  • 5-6 weeks old kittens, found in a box

    Uploaded at 13-06-2013