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Support young refugees in Duesseldorf/Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany

Refugee children and unaccompanied minors need our help. With your donation we can create and equip children’s rooms in shelters and provide educational and social support for refugee children and adolescents.

Tina D. from Diakonie Düsseldorf
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No child should grow up suffering from war and persecution, but this is the reality of many children in some parts of the world. Those who try to escape take to a dangerous journey to arrive in Düsseldorf as refugees. Here we can accommodate them in about 50 municipal refugee shelters. At the moment we take care of 1.000 children from refugee families, who spend most of their time in the shelters. The children urgently need spaces to play, cavort, have books read to them – in short enjoy some carefree, happy moments. We plan to create and equip many such children’s group rooms in the shelters, but to be able to do so we still need more money. Therefore we would like to ask you to support us with your donation.

We help refugee children in many ways and spaces: we give special shelter to unaccompanied minors in our project called JUMP, we invite pregnant women and young mothers to an “Info-Café” where they can learn about the German health care system and get help with their new situation, our youth migration service each year mentors about 600 adolescents and offers group activities to 180 young people. We also try to reach refugee children through our school social work. Our goal is to make the children and adolescents feel at home and overcome their often traumatic experiences. We help them to get along in school, learn German and make social contacts during leisure time activities. Please help us to maintain and expand our diverse services for young refugees.