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Plastic4Good - Plastic Waste Recycling as a Social Business

Kitale, Kenya

We transform Plastic Waste to Good in Kenya. Cleaning the environment, creating job opportunities and income as well as preventing deforestation in only ONE project.

A. Hellmann from Growing Seeds of Africa
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The world has a plastic waste problem. Very present are the pictures and videos of plastic waste in the oceans and the many animals that die of it. What many do not know is that also the garbage is washed from the land into the sea.

In Germany, we have a good waste management and get nothing from the quantities. In developing countries like Kenya, such a management is lacking and the population has no awareness or other problems to solve than to worry about the plastic waste.

Andreas Hellmann has been working in the field of plastics technology for 18 years and visited Kenya for the first time in 2012. For the first time he became aware of the challenges of waste there and since then Andreas has been pushing the solution to the problem.

For Andreas, plastic waste is not garbage, but raw material and therefore valuable. We simply convey this awareness by paying collectors, institutions, private households to collect and give us the plastic.

In order to reuse the plastic as a raw material, it must then be processed and shredded. Due to his professional career and passion Andreas goes one step further. His plan is to process the plastic on site into new products and make them available to the population as building materials.
Because many countries and also Kenya have a strong demand for building materials due to the strong population growth, with the consequence that the forests are cut down. The forests are, however, fundamental to sustainable agriculture. Without forests, groundwater levels drop and erosion and floods make sure that food production is safe.

The mixing of plastic and agricultural residues results in a solid and durable material that can be used instead of wood.

This is how plastic waste turns out to be something good - Plastic4Good is the name of our project.

In Kenya, we are supporting a social business in order to benefit both the population through new income opportunities and nature through the use of plastic waste and the protection of the forests. We call it the Smart Wood Solution.

So environmental protection, development aid and the creation of perspectives can be reconciled. Thus, we act in the spirit of the Global Sustainable Goals of the United Nations.

Join us and help us transform one of the greatest challenges of our time into something good in an innovative way.

Your support will help us to work on this project and to buy and transport machines to our location in Kenya. 

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Thank you very much,
Andreas Hellmann

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