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100 benches for schools in Faboula and Nounfra

A project from Schulen und Gesundheit für Mali
in Faboula, Mali

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

L. Hartmann
L. Hartmann wrote on 02-09-2013

Dear All,

The project is now completed as I could raise more money outside this wonderfull homepage. We have paid all 100 benches and they have been delivered to the schools. Now the big party will be around end of September and I am hoping beeing able to go there to take some photos and send them back to you. Thanks a lot already for all your support and you are invited to continue, as we continue our work: we will organize a training program for teacher. Looking forward, yours Lutz

A donation amount of €350.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Money for Benches €350.00
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