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Funded Reforestation through family beekeeping

A project from konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.
in Madimba , Congo (Democratic Republic)

"Nkunku Bwiki-Forest&Honey"Reforestation in Congo through familiy beekeeping.Project of Konda Ku Mbuta,anamedCongo+Songa Nzila womens organisation.Empowerment,world climate protection,education+jobs,sustainability,help people to help themselves.

W. Leinen
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About this project

For decades, the forest has been cut down in the Bas-Congo: the traditional forest owners, often unable to read, were "ripped off" by timber compagnies to gave their forests for destructive exploitation. In exchange, they received soap, clothing, beer and promises: schools, health centres - never realized. Left behind burned earth and savannah, increasingly infertile no longer nourishes its inhabitants. Population: poorer than ever. Then there is the huge appetite for energy of the near 11-million moloch Kinshasa: last trees for firewood + charcoal. The biologist Konda Ku Mbuta of anamed Congo, familiar partner of our program "Health for all - medicine by local resources," searches since the end of the 80 alternatives to preserve the last forests, to reforest. Besides the introduction of wood-saving Lorena clay ovens for the kitchen, since 2years he conducts a pilot project : honey economy gives steady income to the families and encourages them to protect the remaining forests, planting trees again. Through our campaign "beehive investment" and other supporters the foundation for the program "Nkunku Bwiki - Forest & Honey" was set. Donators can "acquire" hives in the Congo, on request marked by the name on the box + certificate + photo documentary. Taking care of the new beekeepers families: the women's organization "Songa Nzila". Konda Ku Mbuta: "... With 20EUR you finance a beehive for the preservation of 500m2 forest in the Congo for 10 years and make a contribution against climate change". So far, 6 "chefs de terre / landlords" are won for the project, 120 hives implantet and passed to local risponsibles. An experienced beekeeper is granting competent supervision. End of 2012 was the first crop to be retracted: 575 liters finest honey+10 kg wax from 82 colonized hives. Half of the proceeds is going to the new hive owners and for support / development. Because of the success, many families have come forward who wish to participate in the sustainable future project. 4 more forest areas are waiting for the launch of the honey economy-up to 130 hives can be installed. For the difficult procurement of the rare planks the partners dependent on support. For about 20 EUR material costs each, local artisans can produce beehives "ruche kenyane". To continue the successful development, young people should be trained in beekeeping. In the medium term the partners wish to build a unit for honey processing, marketing. Many benefit: hitherto precarious living families obtain permanent source of income, education + jobs especially for youngsters in a region of unemployment, women's empowerment, forest recovers + is re-grown - contribution to the extension of the green lung + global climate protection. Ongoing Info: