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Save the Future of the Home Children!

A project from Eliya Kinderheim e. V.
in Tangalle, Sri Lanka

The Eliya Children´s Home wants to offer poor children a happy childhood in a harmonious atmosphere.

Angelika R.
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About this project

The Eliya Childrens´Home (Eliya means “Light” in Singhalese) is the association, registered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, with a group in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, has addressed itself to the task of establishing a children’s Home in a rural environment in the neighbourhood of Tangalle, to help children from the misery of present living conditions to grow up in a humane environment.
The war situation has changed many children to lose their parents and are without relatives. Thus making them homeless. Children have been traumatised by the war and are in need of loving care. Moreover, the parentless children need humane Homes. These little people urgently need a loving and stimulating treatment, in order to change their pitiful existence into a satisfying life with hope. Children have the right to a happy childhood in a harmonious atmosphere. This is what we want to offer to orphaned children.
We want to offer help towards self-help. Children should be taught, that through knowledge they can create a better future for themselves. Knowledge cannot be lost or taken away even through poverty, war or environmental catastrophe. Knowledge leads to a better future. Local staff members will be offered a position of work plus a salary that cannot be taken for granted in Sri Lanka. The project’s main objective is, to operate a Children’s Home, with a farm for orphaned children, and to let them live under humane circumstances. We make possible the children’s attendance in nursery school, primary school, as well as secondary school. It is necessary to run this project with the aid of others, because in Germany as well as in Sri Lanka, we are a small organization. Our financal support comes from donations and membership fees (110 members so far); a small group of people therefrom work as volunteers, thus administration costs are minimal.
The first Director from the Eliya Children´s Club, Angelika Riedlinger, placed herself in the center of it all in October 2011 when she moved to Tangalle, where she leads the local Children´s Home. All of the children (currently 29 in the home) and 7 employees, realize the benefits of this project.