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Eliya Kinderheim e. V.

managed by Angelika R.

About us

The Eliya Children’s Home of Sri Lanka is a small, but effective organization with a clear goal: The management of a children´s home in Sri Lanka. Since the establishment of our organization in May 2008, we have achieved much through our efforts, and as a result, we have won the support of many friends who support our mission.
We began construction in September 2010, and on November 19, 2011, after only one year of construction, we celebrated the dedication of our new facility. Currently we have 29 bold, happy boys between the ages of 3 and 16 in the Eliya Children´s Home in Tangalle!
It was also a tremendous joy for us to receive the aid of Bild hilft e. V. „A Heart for Children“, which constucted the vacated and damaged nearby kindergarten. The Eliya Kindergarten on the Temple grounds from Kapuhenwala / Marakolliya / Tangalle (only three minutes from the Children´s Home), was ceremoniously opened on November 17, 2012. The Kindergarten is visited by the village as well as Eliya children since January 15, 2013. The Head of the Youth Welfare Office and the Court have found the Eliya Children´s Home to be the best in the entire Hambantota district. Congratulations!
Furthermore, the Eliya Children´s Home has been chosen as a selected landmark in the „Germany Land of Ideas“ program. The Eliya Children´s Home project in Sri Lanka is among the awardees in the competition „365 Places in the Land of Ideas.“ The „Germany-Land of ideas“ initiative is under the patronage of the Federal President of Germany and showcases forward-looking ideas and projects which promote ideas of diversity and innovative capacity originating in Germany. Our organization shows that Germany is a Land of ideas.

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Wir haben 1.415,09 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Angelika R.  27 March 2024 at 10:44 AM

Wir bedanken uns sehr herzlich bei allen betterplace Spendern, bei allen die Geld in das Projekt des Lichts (Eliya bedeutet in der singhalesischen Sprache Licht) investieren! Alles ist teurer geworden in Sri Lanka, um so mehr freuen wir uns, wenn betterplace Spender helfen und Bedarfe wie Lebensmittel Einkäufe, Schul- und Lernmaterial, Bastelsachen, Hygieneartikel, Medikamente, Kleidung für Schule und Freizeit, Gehälter für die Heimmütter und Heimväter, sowie die Nachhilfelehrer und vieles mehr erfüllen. Besten Dank!  

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