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ekkiko - Adopt a School Child for a Language Camp

A project from Stiftung Kick ins Leben
in München, Germany

Language Holiday Camp for children in need.

C. Richter
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About this project

ekkiko – are Language Holidays at home! The new education format merges language learning and football training to an exciting holiday camp for children.

Munich is home to many children from migrant families. Often they do not speak German in their families. Entering the primary school they are deprived due to limited language abilities. During their school time the langue deficit may cause worse marks in all subjects and finally limits higher education and employment opportunities. Furthermore researches provide evidence to a so called "Holiday Effect". That means that children who do not speak German as the first language in their families tend to faster forget subjects taught during school holidays and return with lower language levels.

ekkiko is closing this gap. On a holiday camp the kids can discover together with their teachers and football trainers the German language. They train their reading capabilities together reading football stories and are busy with questions revolving around sport, health and activities. After a proper yummy and healthy lunch the kids have fun learning the recent football tricks in the afternoon while they apply their new vocabulary on the ground shouting and singing. Each Language Camp is open to 30 school children in the age of 6-11. The camp runs for 6 days and includes also the parents in particluar events. The camp is delivered by the grassroots organization INITIATIV GRUPPE e.V., which works with deprived children and migrant families in Munich for more than 40 years.

There are 3 Holiday Camps during this school year. The first runs this Christmas Holidays, the second in the upcoming Easter Holdiays in April and the third in the Summer Holidays. Each camp (six days) is delivered on a cost base of 15.600,- EUR for 30 children which are 65 EUR per child and day. 5 teachers and 4 football trainers work together with the children. A volunteer team is helping during the camp with caring hands on all the other tasks, e.g. providing a wonderful meal, drinks and healthy snacks.

Join in! Let us together create livelihood opportunities for children in need plus let them have a fantastic holiday time!

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