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A dot for the end of AIDS

The digital red AIDS ribbon is on the starting blocks! Follow dotHIV to the finish line!

I. Rosenstiel from dotHIVWrite a message

dotHIV brings the Red Ribbon to the Internet – with the domain ending .hiv! Thereby, we raise awareness for the topic HIV and AIDS and generate new funds for the fight against AIDS at the same time. The surplus of each sold domain is forwarded to HIV-projects all over the world. Of course, organizations that work in the field of HIV and AIDS receive their domain free of charge. Providing their website with a .hiv domain will make their presence more visible in the Internet.
.hiv- is the first and only address-ending that solely serves a social cause: the end of AIDS. Worldwide, about 35 million people live with HIV and 2.5 billion people use the Internet. dotHIV brings them together. If appears in browser address bar instead of, the awareness for the topic Hiv increases.

Since August 2014 .hiv addresses are available for sale and ready to surf on. In order for this to happen, dotHIV had to bargain with the Internet administration for 5 years and invest over 600.000 Euro. We expect the initiative to finance itself and the projects it wants to fund soon. The number of sales is beginning to rise. Now, what we need is a final kick in order to boost and establish .hiv worldwide. To provide HIV and AIDS with more visibility and for more digital Red Ribbons in the web. Together, we can achieve the end of AIDS – one domain at a time. For this reason, we seek donations and hope for your support.

This is how we want to earn and spend money in the long-term: A .hiv address is available to register from 13 € per month. Since the money directly flows to projects that commit themselves to better access to treatment, this is a great investment as your support helps save lives. dotHIV funds innovative projects, that commit themselves to better access to treatment. In doing so, we focus on projects that use information and communication technology for an increased impact and reach in their field of work. Take a look at the first project that will be funded through the sale of .hiv domains here.