Funded A new home for Bunny and her family

An aid project by G. Falkenstein in Calamba, Philippines

G. Falkenstein (Project Manager)

G. Falkenstein
Bunny is our sponsored child, 9 years old, living in a squatter area near Manila/Philippines.
Her father is unemplyed since many years, the elder brother have no regular income. The mother is the only one with a job from time to time.
She is ill and full of sorrows about her little daughter.

The former home of the family was destroyed during a typhoon. An old barrage broke down and the body of water took all riparian homes.

In the last minutes the family survived, but all what they had is gone...
At the photos you can see the actual "home" of Bunny's family, each new typhoon will take this hut away...

Our wish is to build a small house for the family, 5 x 5 meters, 2,5 m high, with a roof to bear up against the typhoons.
We have a part of the 3.000 Euros, but with your help we hope to reach our goal soon.

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Location: Calamba, Philippines

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