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Closed Solar power for a girls school in Tanzania

A project from Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Ngara, Tanzania

In a Girls School in the north of Tanzania a solar plant will be installed to supply energy for the dormitories and the classrooms. By means of a stable energy supply the school will provide a continous computer lessons for the students.

J. Geffers
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About this project

Since  the price of diesel is growing constantly and the supply of the diesel generator is unreliable, the energy supply for the girls school 'Baramba Girls Secondary School', which is located northern of Tanzania near the borders Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, the Berlin regional group from the relief organization Engineers Without Borders wants to provide the school with a solar plant, which would be optimal considering the climatic conditions.
By means of the electrification, the education quality would be improved because the economizing of the running costs would enable an investment in school equipment and salaries of the teachers. Furthermore, a secure energy supply would enable the students to study in the evening and have regular computer lessons. Last but not least, a secure energy supply would also improve the living and working conditions of the teachers and other personel.
On the campus of the Baramba Girls Secondary School (BGSS), there live 200 students from the ages of 14 to 17 years old, as well as 11 teachers and other personel from the administration and kitchen and their families. Currently, the energy supply is provided by an old generator, which runs on diesel. With the energy provided, the dormitories and the teacher rooms are lit for a maximum of an hour, and this very unreliable. Because the school is located near the Equator, it gets dark at about 6 p.m. The computer class with 21 computers is supplied with energy for several hours a week. The diesel price has grown constantly in the last year, so the energy supply of the school has been reduced to a minimum.
In many regions of Tanzania, the people still can't afford the cost of education for their kids. But if a family does have the opportunity to finance school for a child, they send their son to fulfill the old gender role as a breadwinner. Furthermore, most of the governmental schools are boys schools. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the education condition of a girls school and provide the girls the chance to get higher education and so prevent their discrimination.