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Music school Ola Sinfónica - Playas

A project from Musiker ohne Grenzen - Playas e.V.
in Playas, Ecuador

Musiker ohne Grenzen- Playas e.V. supports a music school in Playas with instrument and money donations and especially the organization of a musical volunteer program.

Lioba Braun
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About this project

Music, joy and perspectives for children and young people!
This is the goal of the non-profit organization Musiker ohne Grenzen - Playas e.V, which ist working together with the music school Ola Sinfónica in Playas, Ecuador.

Since 2012 our musicians are going to our project in Playas, a small town on the coast of Ecuador. The volunteers are teaching music - with the overall goal that later on the students can give lessons themselves. This way, we make it possible that the music school can continue long term, independent of German teachers.
In addition to instrumental lessons, theory lessons, band and ensemble rehearsals and numerous concerts, activities with all the active members of the music school are always on the program. 
Music has the power to shape social and emotional skills and has a violence-preventing effect. It supports values like solidarity, harmony and mutual compassion and thus contributes to a sustainable, social development of those involved.
The volunteers are living in families of their students.By this the people meet on the same level and learn a lot from each other - on a musical, cultural and social level.
This way music can overcome boundaries