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A project from Alter Gasometer e.V.
in Zwickau, Germany

A safer space for LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults to share, learn or just chill in Zwickau? That's QueerSpace.

Ben Ulke
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About this project

What started with a simple idea of the Old Gasometer Association and the youth initiative JACKT is now a monthly meeting for the LGBTQIA+ community. Often, affected people experience discrimination or feel alone. Violence is also not uncommon. That's why QueerSpace offers a safe place where everyone can be who they want to be. We stand for openness, tolerance and acceptance towards all gender, sexual identities, ethnicities, skin colors. Likewise, all age groups are welcome to meet, play and simply have a good time with us in the premises of the Old Gasometer. In addition, we want to give you different focuses, be it empowerment coaching or the live performance of a drag queen - there is something for everyone! 
QueerSpace started as a small meeting, but as an organization we see the possibility as well as the need for expansion. However, so far we lack the crucial means to be seen in Zwickau and the surrounding area, which is why we ask you on this way for a small donation. From the donations we want to cover the individual meetings. This includes the fees for the coaches, consultants and the like. In order to reach as many LGBTQIA+ people as possible who have felt alone in the Zwickau area so far, we would like to distribute flyers at hot spots of youth and young adults in addition to promotions on social media. Sometimes these are youth centers, secondary schools, vocational schools and colleges. In addition to flyers, we need other printed materials such as stickers with pronouns and t-shirts to identify the QueerSpace organization. But not only the visitors and the staff should be decorated, but also the meetings. For this we need different decorations, starting with obligatory rainbow flags. Last but not least, public presence and attitude is important to us. That's why we are part of the Christopher Street Day 2022 on the main market in Zwickau. With the donations we want to cover the costs for a vehicle for the demonstration, catering for the QueerSpace staff, the design and printing of a banner, seat cushions and furthermore our own pavilion. 
We are happy if you support our project to place a little bit more rainbow in the middle of society. Every cent helps - we will inform you regularly about the use of donations as well as about current projects and events. Your QueerSpace Team 

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