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HIV Child Care Center in Mandeville, Jamaica

Mandeville, Jamaica

Construction of a care center for HIV infected or affected children in Mandeville, Jamaika.

B. Schlüter from Cassiopeia e.V.
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The concept is to build a Care Centre for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. It will be a home for children with HIV/AIDS who have either been abandoned by their families or whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS. There is no such centre in Mandeville and so it is extremely difficult for these children to get the appropriate care they need. They are left to survive on their own, left in their family environment where they suffer physical and psychological abuse, placed in homes far away from their families or in facilities that do not cater to their specific needs.

It is proposed that a facility to house fourty children, aged between 0 - 18 years of age has to be built. This would include 5 three bedroom houses with two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and living and dining area so that children can be housed according to age and sex. Two of the bedrooms will share one bathroom for the children and the third bedroom will have an enclosed bathroom for the caregiver(s).

To built up a sustainable institution Cassiopeia has partnered with international service organisations such as Projects Abroad, Jamaica, BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia and other Supporters and Sponsors. The Name of the Projekt is: IMMUNITIATIVE

An instituion of this kind will have a positive effect on numerous people in jaimaca. The biggest achievement though will be to extend life range and the seamless transfer to the jamaican society.

Hence, our goals are REST:
Restore the milieu of familial bond in a safe stimulating environment for children living with HIV/AIDS where they will be free from stigmatization and ridicule.
Empower each child to become self-sufficient with marketable skills in a competitive global village through traditional education and skills training.
Serve each child with unequivocal love and care, being conscientious of their inherent worth and dignity as unique individuals and members of the human race.
Train each child to manage their disease astutely and cope with the diverse challenges associated with it.

This institution will be constructed solely by volunteers who will not receive any money. Every donation directly supports the project.

The sheer magnitude of the project (appr. 800.000 EUR) will require additional assistance from local and international organizations and generous supporters. We are certain that with collaborative efforts and support, the mission will be realized. Any and all donations made to preserving this generation will be profoundly appreciated. Become involved and together we can make this a reality.