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Lothar Health Centre

A project from Globale Initiativenförderung e.V.
in Kinyanambo, Mafinga, Tanzania

From the initiative of two brothers, a health station was established that has been improving the care of the local population since the end of 2020. Together, we continue to work on expanding the supply to meet the needs.

Hannes K.
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About this project

With this health centre, which is under construction in Kinyanambo, a suburb of Mafinga in the Iringa region, and parts of which have already been able to start providing patient care, Global Initiative Support is fulfilling all its principles. For a long time, the inhabitants of the town and the surrounding area have complained about the poor medical care and the long distances to the only hospital in Mafinga, which is usually overcrowded.

Own initiative: Jovan and Philbert Myinga, two brothers from the region, saw the grievances and took heart in 2013 and decided to use a large part of their land for the construction of the LHC. Jovan and Philbert are friends of Hannes Kreissl, who had met them during an FSJ in Tanzania in 2012/13 before founding the association. Together, the three of them developed a plan to build the infirmary, which today bears the name of the first donor.

Top priority - independence
: On site, we work together with the NGO "Lothar Health Development", which, in addition to the health station, also manages some side projects that are to co-finance construction and operation. For example, the LHC already has about 12 hectares of land for forestry and agriculture. In addition to about 6,000 trees of different ages, seven dairy cows have already been purchased. On the one hand, the cultivation of the land contributes to the financial independence of the project, and on the other hand, the resources generated will help the patients to heal with nutrient-rich meals from the hospital kitchen. Hospital meals, by the way, are rare in Tanzania - this point is one of many with which the brothers plan to create an exemplary improvement in the quality of care for their country.

Needs-based aid: The operation of the hospital ward could already be started at the end of 2020, and the basic health care of the local population could already benefit greatly. However, it quickly became clear that there is still a great need for more advanced care, so work is currently underway to equip the new operating theatre. In the future, an ambulance and a radiology unit will also be built. In 2014, work began on building the foundation for the infirmary. Initially, two wards, a laboratory building and an administrative wing will be constructed, in which the treatment of outpatients and the care of chronically ill people, who are HIV-positive for example, will take place.