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Closed "Lights & Locks" Borrow a bike in Berlin! Pay-what-you-can.

A bike sharing project that allows those visiting or staying in Berlin a way to bike around Berlin, for free without paying high rental costs. It is a green and healthy way to travel, and is the best way to see all of Berlin.

Graham P. from BikeSurfBerlinWrite a message

With the bikes, parts and money that have been donated to the project we are developing a system that allows visitors to use our bikes for up to 7 day on a pay-what-you-can basis. Our "Lights & Locks" campaign encourages the growth of our project and increases the safety of our bikes by providing each of them with proper lights & locks.

In May 2012 Graham Pope and Pau Simo, two magnanimous Berlin expats and bike enthusiasts, began wondering if there was a solution to the unjustifiably high rental bike fees in the city, and by July they were handing out their first bikes to CouchSurfers passing through Berlin. Shortly after, the bikes were being handed back with a smile, a hug, perhaps a beer or dinner or often a small, voluntary monetary donation to be used for sustaining and expanding the project. This exchange – a bike in return for some token of appreciation – came to be known as BikeSurfBerlin.

Who will your donation help?
Those people most likely to require bikes from this project are those who are here in Berlin for a limited period of time with limited funds. Your current donations will be directly converted into secure locks and bright lights to ensure all those using our bikes are safe and happy on the streets of Berlin.

This project was set up in June 2012, with a view allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy cycling without incurring high rental costs and enjoy a sharing-based project.
We want to show people the wonders of riding a bike in a city with good bike infrastructure
Developing a strong network/ team of people to help maintain the project is very important to us as well.

We hope to teach people about how BikeSurfBerlin was founded so they can also start sharing programs in their own cities with the information and knowledge we have gained.
Demonstrating that such a "trust system" is viable for bicycle lending helps bring hope back into a money driven society and proves that people are always more important than money.
We hope to reduce the CO2 footprint, encourage a healthy lifestyle and live green in a way that can be inspirational to others.

Our Growth:
Since its inception, over 1000 people have borrowed bikes and we have increased the size of the BikeSurf team from 2 to over 30. The idea has been taken up by other cities worldwide - hopefully we have a base in every country in the coming years.

"Two legs good, free wheels better!"

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