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managed by Graham P.

About us

BikeSurfBerlin is a free bicycle lending project in Berlin. It allows everyone the opportunity to cycle in a relatively safe city environment without the need to leave a deposit or pay to use the bikes. It relies on the generosity of people who give us bikes and bike parts, online donations and time to maintain and improve the service we provide. We don’t just advocate cycling; we facilitate it.

BikeSurfBerlin is our free bike lending service in Berlin. We differ from other bike lending services because our users (BikeSurfers) are under no obligation to pay for riding our bikes. However, donations of bikes, bike parts and cash are welcomed help keep the project sustainable. We utilise the same trust system as hospitality clubs, such as BeWelcome and Couchsurfing, which obviates the need for us to take a deposit or any documentation from the BikeSurfer. This sharing economy model allows everyone the opportunity to cycle in a safe city environment without paying the relatively high bicycle rental fees.

The process of requesting and getting a bike is as follows:
1. Check availability of the bikes on the calendars on the website
2. Fill in a BikeSurf request form for the selected bike
3. Receive the location, name and combination number of bike
4. Collect bike on appointed day at any time
5. Bring back bike at the end of the lending period

BikeSurfBerlin (BSB) was founded in June 2012 to enable everyone to have free access to this green way of transport in a bike-friendly city environment. Since its inception, over 170 BikeSurfers have used the service and the number of bikes available has increased from three to fifteen. Most of the BSB bike fleet has been donated by people who want to make a contribution to this expanding project. Our BSB team has also swelled in number, from the original two to twelve members, who provide their expertise in the areas of bike mechanics, logistics, promotion, information technology and fund-raising. We also regularly organise events including bike rides, puncture repair classes and BSB T-shirt making to help promote both the project and a cycling culture. By minimising the costs of running such a service, developing an efficient booking system and relying on the expertise and labour of our team of volunteers, our project has been sustainable and successful.

Our BikeSurfers to date have primarily been people who have heard of the project through the BeWelcome and CouchSurfing communities. However, recently the project has gained recognition in various other media, including newspapers, magazines and radio and this has brought the project into the general public’s attention and increased the demand on the bike lending service. This, along with the approaching summer in Berlin, means that we are eager to recruit new volunteers to help us keep up with the increased demand for our bikes.

Our future goal is to allow everyone access to a bicycle for free and to prove that such a non-monetary, trust-based system is a viable alternative to more expensive bike renting services. With this in mind, we have developed guidelines on how to set up a similar project elsewhere in order to encourage and share our experiences with others who may wish to establish their own BikeSurf branch (eg BikeSurfToronto). To further encourage the growth of a network of BikeSurf project, we are currently developing a network of similar free bikes sharing projects under a single website Other plans include establishing our project as a Non-Goverrnmental Organisation (NGO), finding more capital through crowd sourcing and seeking appropriate sponsors to help support us.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  Graham P.  21 November 2016 at 05:53 PM

the last time we can use this wonderful platform betterplace, but your donations have allowed moere winter repairs, specifically new tyres and lights for those winter nights. Thank you.

A donation amount of €56.00 was requested for the following needs:

Dynamo lights required €56.00
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