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The Gift of Education

A project from CBSM Kimilili
in Kimilili, Kenya

CBSM runs a school for 350 children. To replace the current mud hut with a safe and clean learning envrionment, a permanent school is being built.

A. Kühne
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About this project

What touches us:
We want to offer children from the poorest families a better prospect in life through access to education

Who we are:
We are a dedicated and completely voluntary team of three board members and many other helping hands

How we work:
In cooperation with local partners, we secure the running of the school for 350 children as well as support the construction of a new permanent school. The construction work is being accompanied by us onside in Kimilili

Our belief:
Education is the most effective weapon against poverty and disease

What we do:
We maintain the running of the school for 350 children with 15 teachers by covering the monthly cost. This includes teachers' salaries, the cost for the lunch program for 350 children, as well as water and other school supplies

Who benefits:
350 children (that otherwise could not afford education) as well as 15 teachers (with a secure monthly income). Furthermore, we are offering local employment to unskilled labour to build the new permanent school
Only local people in Kimilili benefit as all members in Europe share the passion for the school and work voluntarily

The challenges:
The school is constantly growing and offering more and more children the opportunity to learn for a better future. Within one year, the school has grown from 250 children to over 350. More teachers had to be employed (originally 7 to now 15) and the lunch program must be extended to cover the increased number of students. We urgently need help to cover the monthly expenses so that we can get the school running.

Furthermore, a new permanent school is urgently required to replace the current mud hut with a safe and clean learning environment. The funds are not yet secured, but once completed, it will host 800 children!

How you can help:
Every little helps! A teacher earns 50 Euros a month, a meal for 350 children per day costs 30 Euros and 10 Euros per month will send a child to school

Thank you so much!