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For a child- and bicycle-friendly Saarlouis

A project from Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.LV Saarland
in Saarlouis, Germany


Marcel Scherf
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About this project

The Saarlouis district association of the ADFC Saarland has the vision that all children and young people can move safely and independently by bicycle. "Make room for the next generation" is the motto with the premise that child-friendly cities are good for everyone.

The Kidical Mass movement calls for child- and bike-friendly places all over the country - and thus also in Saarlouis: 

1. safe school bike lane networks in Saarlouis by 2030. 
 2. school streets and traffic-calmed areas in front of schools and daycare centers in Saarlouis 
 3. steady annual funding for bicycle infrastructure with concrete targets 
 4. child-friendly road traffic laws, esp: 
 ‣ Speed limit 30 as standard speed in built-up areas. 
 ‣ Protected, wide bike lanes on main roads. 
 ‣ Play streets 
 ‣ Residential areas without through traffic. 
 ‣ Vision Zero (zero traffic fatalities). 

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