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Bringing European youth together to fight for health justice and equity

A project from UAEM Europe e.V.
in Münster, Germany

Public universities pay, companies profit. Your support enables us to bring young people together to learn and work on how to fight for equitable access to medicines worldwide. If we reach 3000 Euros by 31 December, we receive 1500 Euros in matching!

Anna Peiris
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About this project

Young Voices for #vaccinequity. 
Millions are invested into biomedical research at European universities and public research institutions each year, with close to 700 million euros of European public funds already pledged to COVID-19 research. 

Public universities pay, companies profit. 
Universities play a crucial role in biomedical research and drug innovation and students are in a unique position to engage with their universities to push for health justice and equity. Help to capacitate students at their campus to demand “strings attached” to all publicly funded research so that universities’ research results can be available and affordable to everyone. 

Your support enables us to bring young people from 36 universities in 9 countries to come together in Münster, Germany in May 2022 to learn and work on how to fight for more equitable access to medicines worldwide. This will equip students to hold their universities accountable for the R&D investment made possible by taxpayer funds. 
"Bringing UAEM members together will be the catalyser to our ETAF campaign: we want to implement across European universities agreements with tech transfer offices to make R&D results available to all: COVID has proven that it is not only about vaccinating quickly, but vaccinatig WORLDWIDE. UAEM wants to be part of the movement that ensures that access to vaccines, tech technologies and medicines is possible at affordable prices"
Irene Romero, UAEM Board Member 

DONATE NOW. If we reach our target of 3000 Euros by New Year’s Eve, UAEM Europe will receive a 1500 Euros matching donation from a benevolent donor.

What is UAEM?
UAEM Europe is a registered assocition based in Berlin, Germany and part of the global Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM). UAEM is a movement of university students organizing on their campuses and beyond to ensure that publicly funded medicines and medical innovations are affordable and accessible to the public. UAEM Europe works to empower students at 36 university chapters across 9 European countries to address the issue of access to life-saving medicines through advocating for fair and equitable licensing principles.