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The annual rent 2022 for a desk in the Stadtveränderer-Loft

A project from GoldOst - Kirche bei dir
in Hamburg, Germany

We are GoldOst, a church located in Hamburg-Hamm, that has been very active and commited to engaging and connecting with the community since 2018. Your donation will help us keep our central location in Hamm in the Stadtveränderer-Loft.

Dennis Viehoff
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About this project

We are collecting donations to pay our annual rent 2022 for a desk in the Stadtveränderer-Loft. The Stadtveränderer-Loft is a coworking-space in Hamburg Hamm, a district in which we have been active and well connected since 2018. Here we hold regular meetings for the neighborhood in fellowship with God. Sometimes bigger with a poetry slam or concert, sometimes rather small with a nice dinner. The loft feels like home to us and we enjoy working here with inspiring people from various industries. 
Help us keep our desk at the Stadtveränderer-Loft, central located in Hamm. We are grateful for every amount.