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Caring for earth classes in Sumatra

A project from shared purpose e.V.
in Medan, Indonesia

Naruga Bhumi has developed programs to empower women and create awareness for earth conservation for children and teenagers in Sumatra.

shared purpose e.V.
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About this project

Nuraga Bhumi is an Indigenous women-led initiative based in Sumatra that helps Indigenous women and other marginalized community engage in forest conservation safely. They envision an indigenized, inclusive and equal world that values Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous ways of being, and Indigenous guardianship in addressing conservation and climate issues. Through their various programs, they are providing opportunities, experiences, and education that empower Indigenous women to be active participants in conservation, and to help make their own paths and contributions in protecting Mother Earth. 
As it is a man domination that is leading to fragile situation for women in many cases in Sumatran conservation. So far, most of women who work in conservation are mostly related to administration works and not directly on the ground. It is time for women to take initiative, treat equally and being empowered leader with eco-feminism thorough approach. 

Naruga Bhumi believes, that conservation is inclusive and it needs each and everyone to change in order to make a contribution as our capacity.
Therefore they startet projects to empower women and create awareness for earth conservation for children and the youth in Sumatra:

Caring for the earth classes 

This is an education program aimed at introducing conservation as a part of human life. Through discussion, presentations, and speaker sessions we will share knowledge and expand Indigenous knowledge as it relates to conservation, climate change and gender equality issue. This takes place in Medan as the capital of North Sumatra and Bukit Lawang, next to Leuser Ecosystem. From conservation and climate change in general, to eco-feminism, this class encourages and promotes reclaiming a role in conservation to be part of life value and practical to drive changes. 

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