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Relief for body and soul for Kenyan Kids

A project from TS-Care
in Nairobi, Kenya

Holistic Christmas gifts for Kenyan children! Support the children and their families with an emergency aid package and finance a pastoral care training for one person. This way many people can be helped in body and soul.

Joela Dukat
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About this project

For families and children in Kenya, the year 2021 was marked by a loss of work and gaps in education due to the pandemic. In addition, poverty and hunger raged - triggered by the devastating drought.

In the summer, the government declared a national disaster emergency due to severe drought. Up to 2.1 million people were and are at acute risk of famine. Our contributor Roselyn writes:

"Despite the Covid 19 pandemic that continues to infect and affect everyone in the world, we have been helping poor families with food because they are really struggling to put a meal on the table. With drought in Kenya, the situation has become even worse for needy families who rely on their small farms."

But it's not just the physical well-being of many children in Kenya that is at risk. Nancy from our partner organization SUK reports.

"The number of cases of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts has increased sharply since the pandemic. In addition, many children, adolescents and women have been exposed to domestic violence during the lockdown periods, as well as rape. These traumas can only be addressed with professional help."

Fortunately, TS Care is able to address both plights - the psychological and the physical

In addition to the sponsorships and Corona emergency aid with UWEZO, our collaboration with SUK allows us to support targeted pastoral care training for social workers, teachers and pastors. The psychotherapists of our mother foundation TS have seen the program and are enthusiastic about it. With the help of this ten-day training program, people are given the know-how and the attitude that it takes to stand by children and families in psychologically challenging situations and to give them concrete help.

We want to meet the physical and emotional plight of people. With your help we will be able to finance emergency aid packages with food and hygiene materials as well as pastoral care training for many people this Christmas