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Little X-Mas-Something for the kids attending our little school

A project from Jayma Kunan e.V.
in Huaycan, Peru

Not everybody will have a such a nice X-Mas as we have. We would like to surprise 50 kids (5 - 10 years) and their families who live in an extremely poor area (Huaycan, Peru) with a little Christmas gift to make their X-Mas a little better as well

Sven Petrich
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About this project

It is this time of the year again where many of us a fortunate enough to have a really nice Christmas with loads of presents and quality time with their loved ones. The boys and girls attending our little education project in Huaycan (Peru) and their families will not be as lucky, however. So we would like to give them a little surprise to make their X-Mas hopefully a bit more pleasant as well. We currently have close to 50 kids attending the center (we have to upgrade the facilities with another room in the upcoming months) so we have to buy A LOT of presents which we will hopefully be able to hand over personally in the days after Christmas (a few Jayma Kunan members will be on board). In addition to that we would also like to hand over a food basked to the parents of the kids to ensure they will have a nice Christmas dinner, too.
In total we will buy 50 presents (details see below) and 40 food baskets. The price breakdown looks as follows:
  • 21 Girls from 5 to 10 years will receive a Barbie that has a value of around 12 - 13 EUR
  • 5 boys from 5 to 7 will receive something from Hot Wheels (value is also around 12 - 13 EUR)
  • 24 boys from 8 to 10 will receive something from Lego (value is also around 12 - 13 EUR)
  • the 40 food baskets will have a value of around EUR 20 each
We are very aware that we are not the only charity asking for help in that time of the year, but if you have spare 12 EUR (or 24 or 36 ^^), we can guarantee you that you will make somebody REALLY REALLY happy :-)