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Food distribution for street children and poorest families in Rwanda

A project from PoorPoor Foundation e.V.
in Kayonza, Rwanda

Dramatic situation in the very poor regions of Rwanda | Distribution of food urgently needed to ensure the survival of affected families and street children

Stefanie Zumbruch
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About this project

The situation in the particularly poor regions of Rwanda has worsened dramatically for the poorest of the poor as a result of the pandemic. The low to very low income of these families has almost disappeared, money for food is no longer available. The village communities in these regions have also used up their reserves and can hardly help any more. Several times in the last few months we have therefore provided emergency aid in the form of food parcels containing 3 kg of rice, 2 kg of beans and half a liter of oil. According to the current exchange rate (01.12.2021), the cost per food package is the equivalent of 4.50€. We plan to distribute another 250 food packages as soon as possible to prevent the worst for the affected families. If we don't help, no one will!