Silent Climate Parade 2012

An aid project by “Silent Climate Parade e.V.” (Daniel H.) in Berlin, Germany

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Daniel H. (Project Manager)

Daniel H.
On September 22, the Silent Climate Parade dances through Berlin!

The Silent Climate Parade is a demonstration in Berlin to raise awareness about the failure to solve the climate change problem. With wireless headphones, quality DJs on electromobiles, signs, flyers, choreographies, and lots of enthusiasm, we dance silently through the streets in a fun, colorful and inspiring action to catch people's attention. We do this to show that it's possible to have fun, be climate friendly, and make a political statement at the same time.

Musical support will come from Viperflo (Keller), Blenn&Gleich (Plastik Park), NU (Bar 25), and Jake The Rapper (Bar 25)!

How 2011 looked like:

Your donations make it possible! We need to pay for headphones, an electric car, DJ equipment, flyers, and even the GEMA - We greatly appreaciate any contributions! Let's get moving!

RSVP via Facebook: where we'll have details and mroe frequent updates!

We are part of the Climate Action Day 2012 (

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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