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Education, electricity and climate protection - school project in Tanzania

A project from Rotary Goslar
in ishozi, Tanzania

A good general education, the training of computer skills and manual skills for students of the Tweyambe Secondary and High School in Bukoba. 50 EUR per month, enabling a child to escape poverty.

Ralf Gladis
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About this project

Education, Solar Tech & CO2 Reduction

Short description of the project
Tweyambe Secondary and High School near Bukoba in Tanzania has been educating students for over 30 years. Thanks to years of support from Sweden and a school partnership with Martin Koch Gymnasiet in Hedemora, Sweden, the school in Tweyambe is excellently equipped: Library, computer room, proper dormitories, kitchen, doctor's surgery, sports facilities as well as carpenter's workshop, welding equipment and sawmill for handicraft training.

The school has rightly had the highest reputation for many years. In its peak times, 600 students were educated at Tweyambe. At the moment, the school has only 130 students. Therefore, the income is no longer sufficient to pay teachers, maintenance and health insurance for the children. One student causes monthly costs of 50€ for education, food, school uniform, dormitory and medical care at the school.

The reason for the decline in the number of students is that the government in Tanzania decided in 2016 to offer secondary school free of charge. While this sounds good, there are still not enough government secondary schools, and the quality of government schools is often poor: up to 50 students in a class, there is no electricity, no books, no library, no computer lab, etc. An official from Tanzania called it "free of charge and free of knowledge".

We want to keep Tweyambe Secondary & High School because the teachers and the school have experience and quality that is rarely found in government secondary schools. To make the school financially self-sufficient, we are looking for sponsors for 200 scholarships so those poor children can get a good education. If we support enough students, we also help the school. We bring modern solar technology to the school to train artisans who will help build the infrastructure for clean electricity of the future. This is sustainable, it avoids using unhealthy oil lamps and replacing diesel generators with solar tech reduces CO2 in Africa.

Next steps
  • The school in Tweyambe will be equipped with solar technology of Fraunhofer Institute and tools by March 2022. Prof. Wolfgang Schade of University Clausthal will train the teachers so that they can educate students and other operators of solar technology.
  • The Regional Administrative Secretary, Prof. Faustin Kamuzora, has agreed to repair the road to the school to improve access to the school. 
  • Ralf Gladis and Rotary Deutschland Gemeindienst e.V. prepared a donation account allowing tax deductible receipts for donors.
  • On-site Erasto Kishula, president of the Rotary Club Bukoba-Uhuru Kagera takes care of the project.
  • For quality control, Deusdedith Clavery flies every four months from Arusha to Bukoba. He currently works for SOS Children's Villages (SOS Kinderdörfer) where is also involved in budget planning.
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