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Pilot mission for ROSA - a mobile contact point for women on the run

A project from ROSA e.V.- Rolling Safespace
in Athen, Greece

The Rolling Safespace will be a mobile contact point for women and girls on the run. For a Europe in solidarity, where people of all genders receive support. For safe places for women everywhere. Help us with this & donate!

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About this project (english version)

Human rights also apply to women* - even on the run!

In 2020, one percent of the world's population was on the run - contrary to what the media coverage suggests, almost half of them were female. In addition to the already extreme challenges of the flight, the situation of women refugees is often characterised by additional, gender-specific burdens.

In addition to gender-specific causes of flight (such as genital mutilation, fear of femicide or forced marriage), various factors such as responsibility for children, existing pregnancies and the lack of protected spaces also lead to an increased vulnerability of women during flight, which repeatedly leads to physical and psychological abuse.

There is no sufficient support for these multiple burdens - not even at the external borders of Europe. This supply gap violates the European Convention on Human Rights.

In March 2021, the ROSA e.V. association was founded in order to counteract these abuses and to raise public awareness of the problem. The project is building a mobile contact point for women and girls on the run - the Rolling Safespace. From a converted truck 

  • basic medical care, 
  • a workshop programme, 
  • discussion groups, 
  • childcare and 
  • and the distribution of urgently needed hygiene articles (such as menstrual articles, nappies, condoms)
will be provided. This is to ensure humanitarian aid that addresses the special circumstances and burdens of women on the run. As part of the development and implementation of the Rolling Safespace, the association works closely with other active organisations and initiatives.

In March 2022, ROSA will begin a pilot mission to Greece, initially targeting refugee shelters north of Athens. We need your support for this!

Further information can be found on our homepage:

*This addresses people who are exposed to additional burdens due to their (socialised) gender.


The association ROSA e.V. currently consists of more than 50 members, an active organisation team of about ten people and numerous supporters. The board of the association is predominantly made up of women. 

ROSA explicitly advocates for a solidarity-based Europe that respects human rights, calls for institutional action against humanitarian catastrophes at the European external borders and promotes gender empowering aid strategies!