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Food for All and Emergency Care for the Homeless

A project from platz*machen e.V.
in Magdeburg, Germany

Our initiative Food for All and Emergency Care for the Homeless has been in existence for one year. It has three parts: the Kitchen for All, our food distributor and our cold bus. For room rent, meals and travel costs we need 7000 €.

Joshua Suwelack
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About this project

We would like to introduce you to our initiative Food for All and Emergency Care for the Homeless, which has now existed for one year. It consists of three parts: the Kitchen for All, our food distributor and our cold bus:

Kitchen for All
At the Kitchen for All - or KüfA - we offer free hot drinks and hot food every Saturday from 4-8pm. The food is vegan and freshly prepared by us, including from rescued food. The KüfA is more than just a food bank. In the meantime, it has established itself as a meeting place for many people in the neighborhood, especially for people living in poverty, homeless people and people who are threatened with losing their homes.

Foodsharing is about saving food that can no longer be sold, but is still suitable for individual consumption. We get qualified food donated by supermarkets and also individuals, which is stored in a refrigerator at Tacheles for people to freely help themselves to. 

Cold bus
Thanks to a grant, after a year we will soon have our own cold bus, equipped with a stove top, refrigerator, space heater and medical supplies. Until now, we have always borrowed a bus from the AWO Landesjugendwerk on a daily basis. With part of the KüfA food, we have been driving every Saturday since last winter (also in summer) to various places in Magdeburg that are used by homeless people. The luggage often includes sleeping bags, warm clothing and hygiene articles. With this, we want to help the people a bit, because their situation is precarious. Not only do they have to worry daily about food, a place to sleep, hygienic care, etc., and endure situations in which basic needs are not met or are inadequately met. In addition, they experience stigmatization and are excluded from social participation, feel invisible and are left alone with their own problems. Particularly in Magdeburg, there are not enough contact points and offers of help that homeless people can take advantage of. That is why we would like to expand our charitable emergency supply this winter. If you have warm clothes left over, you can drop them off at Tacheles on Saturdays 4-8pm. 

These are the costs
We work on a voluntary basis and therefore depend on donations. With your help we can pay a part of the room rent, weekly warm meals and travel costs for the bus for the next year. For this we need 7000 €. 

If you would like to support us in the long term, you can also send us a small amount of your choice each month as a permanent donation:

You can find more information about Food for All and the emergency care for homeless people at: