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Pandemic support for educational work in Nairobi, Kenya

A project from EFYE - Eagle's Fountain Youth Empowerment
in Nairobi, Kenya

The EFYE Education Centre is a place of security, refuge and further development. Education is the essence of equal opportunities. But education costs money. The current pandemic is making our work difficult. We need support!

Maren Hildebrand
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About this project

The EFYE Education Centre is a place of security, refuge and further development. Education is the essence of equal opportunities. It is the first building block to enable people to live a decent life regardless of their place of birth. But education costs money and that is unfair. Together, as a non-profit organization, we want to make a small contribution to shaping the future of our children in a fairer way. But for that we need your support!

The past few months have been tough for all of us. Nobody expected such a global crisis. Still, some countries and regions have been hit harder than others. The pandemic did not stop at Kenya, either. But while most people have a roof over their heads, something to eat, and the prospect of a decent schooling, others face life-threatening challenges.

Kenya is currently struggling with an increased inflation rate. Cost of living such as rent, food, electricity and water are rising. Food prices have e.g. doubled in many cases. This is an additional challenge not only for the EFYE Education Centre, but also for our staff personally. In addition, more than 200k children (not including the number of unreported cases) lost their school places because hundreds of schools had to close due to the crisis and additional regulations by the Kenyan government.

Our EFYE Education Centre is not exempt from these partly questionable regulations. Due to the requirement to have at least 15 children registered per grade level, we had to suddenly expand our school from approx. 75 children to approx. 100 children in this uncertain situation. On the one hand nice, because we can offer support to even more children, on the other hand an enormous financial burden. EFYE is confronted with costs for additional rooms, furnishing the classrooms and learning material equipment as well as additional costs for meals (these increase due to inflation e.g. from approx. 70 EUR to approx. 85 EUR per day).

Successful management of such a challenging situation requires cohesion, mutual support and solidarity. We want the EFYE Education Centre to remain a place of security, physical and psychological strengthening and education for the now around 100 children. Let us be there for each other!

Your donation will be used specifically for this:
1. Cost coverage for additional rooms - deposit & rent for 6 months
2. Renovation and furnishing costs for the new school building
3. Catch the increase in food costs for school meals (for 6 months)
4. A one-time pandemic bonus payment for our committed employees

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