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new central sterilization service department for Kibogora Hospital

A project from Osteomyelitishilfe e.V.
in Kibogora, Rwanda

New project for Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda Heusweiler Verein Osteomyelitishilfe e.V. wants to set up central sterilisation.

Michael Weber
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About this project

Since 2015, the association "Osteomyelitishilfe e.V.“ (www.osteomyelitishilfe e.V.) has been taking care of the treatment of children and adolescents in the Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda. ( has been treating children and adolescents in the Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda who are suffering from chronic haematogenous osteomyelitis. By sending experienced teams of doctors, we were able to operate on many children with chronic osteomyelitis and thus enable them to lead a halfway normal life again. For a few years now, Rwandan specialists have also been working there, a specialist in general surgery and a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. This constant presence of qualified surgeons has led to a strong increase in the number of patients. However, there is still only one fully usable operating theatre, which now has to be shared by 3 disciplines, gynaecology, general surgery and orthopaedics. During our last stay before the pandemic, this meant that this theatre was almost always occupied for the treatment of emergencies. The very complex treatment of children with chronic osteomyelitis had to be postponed again and again. The aftercare and follow-up treatment of the operated children also left much to be desired. For example, we saw children who had been operated on 2 months earlier still wearing the same dressing they were discharged with. The surgical wounds were either ulcerated or in poor skin condition, so that follow-up operations were not possible. All in all, a very unsatisfactory situation. What was needed was an expansion of the operating theatre capacity. But also, and this seemed to us the most important thing, a prevention programme for the early detection of acute osteomyelitis, so that the chronification of this disease with all its terrible clinical pictures could be avoided. Our small association could not afford all this. However, Rotary Germany and the BMZ are financing a prevention programme in the Nyamasheke district, where the Kibogora Hospital is located, and a completely new surgical building with 3 new operating theatres. Surprisingly, many things happen faster in Africa than here. The new surgery building will be ready for occupancy by the beginning of 2022 at the latest. The gynaecology and obstetrics departments are also to get a new building. Construction began a few weeks ago. This is being financed by an international body, "better together", an association of several NGOs from different countries. What is still missing is a central sterilisation unit. The old sterilisation unit is far too small, consists of only one room and no longer meets current standards. Our association has now undertaken to plan and realise this central sterilisation unit. In the basement of the new gynaecology department, an area of about 200 m2 has been made available to us for this purpose. According to a rough cost estimate, we need a budget of about 120,000 €. A large part of this sum will have to be covered by further donations. We are therefore happy to hear from anyone who would like to support our project with a donation.   Translated with (free version)