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Makerspace Lebanon: Perspectives for Refugees in Lebanon through Education

A project from doin' good gGmbH
in Taanayel, Lebanon

Since 2017, we have been offering handicraft and microbusiness courses in refugee camps. As in 2020/21, we want to continue offering courses in 2022 despite COVID-19 and thus help refugees to build a better life in Lebanon - your donation counts!

Sin Yin Yip
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About this project

 We want to improve the living conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and give them the chance for a better future...

... to achieve this, we work together with strong local organizations. We help refugees and their families in Lebanon to escape the precarious conditions in the refugee camps and to build a foothold in Lebanese society. We achieve this through handicraft courses (woodworking, electricity and sewing) as well as microbusiness courses that provide our participants with valuable knowledge, introduce them to the local labor market and introduce them to entrepreneurship.

Our Makerspace Lebanon project has enabled over 280 sessions since the 2017 pilot with a ~60% female participation rate, touching over 900 lives.  Additionally, since the outbreak of the pandemic plus the August 2020 port explosion in Beirut, Lebanon has been in a severe economic crisis with regular power outages and rising gasoline prices.  Nevertheless, in 2020/21, despite the pandemic and the currency crisis, we have been able to support over 200 participants over 160 sessions in compliance with hygiene regulations. In the fall of 2021, we also launched our microbusiness courses, providing business training to 10 participants in order for them to start their own businesses and thus integrate into local communities.

In the following year 2022, we want to continue our classes, offer new crafts such as gardening and food processing, and enable needed repairs to machines. Please support us and our partners with your donation!

Feedback from participants from the 2021 woodworking and electricity courses:
"Psychologically we felt great because we enjoyed the course and it was something new for us as women"
"I now know how to work wood, repair my tent and do all the woodwork for myself and my neighbors."
"Thank you for this class I didn't expect as a woman to learn carpentry which is something new in our community."

 More information about us at: - feel free to check us out! 

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