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River Clean Up Project

A project from Drip by Drip e.V.
in Dhaka, Bangladesh

We want to free Dhaka from plastic waste in order to protect and clean the natural water resources so that the population finally has access to clean drinking water again.

Team Drip by Drip
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About this project


In Dhaka City, plastic waste increased from 178 tons per day in 2005 to 646 tons per day in 2020. That's 350%! Of these 646 tons, only 37% are recycled. The plastic waste clogs the drains and pollutes the rivers in and around Dhaka. This promotes flooding and creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes and water-borne diseases. Decomposition also releases smaller particles, known as microplastics, which pose a significant risk to humans and nature. Urgent action is needed to save Dhaka's ecosystem.


Together with our local partner AGROHO, we want to build a plastic recycling plant that recycles at least 150 tons of plastic waste every month. The plastic is collected from rivers and other water sources, as well as from the streets of Dhaka, before being dumped into local rivers. At full capacity, the small factory will finance itself by selling the recycled plastic pallets. In addition, jobs are created for employees and a source of income in generated for waste collectors and their families.


  • Environmental protection: 150 tons of plastic waste will be recycled each month
  • Social impact: 200+ people will benefit from the factory's turnover

    + 15 full-time employees who wash, shred and palletize the waste
    + about 20 garbage collectors who collect plastic bottles and other plastic garbage from rivers, streets, local markets, etc., and 10 micro-entrepreneurs who deliver plastic garbage to the factory
    + an additional approx. 4.4 household members for each of the above-mentioned persons

The recycling machines have no negative impact on the environment. Not a lot of water is needed to wash the plastics, and it will be filtered properly before being discharged. Detergents that will be used to wash the plastic waste do not contain heavy chemicals. The machines have a guaranteed lifespan of 10 years and spare parts can easily be purchased, as we will buy machines from Bangladesh directly or India.


We need a total of € 16,000 to:

  • rent land
  • buy the recycling machines
  • construct a small factory building
  • set up electricity and water connections
  • hire employees and cover their salaries for the first 6 months
  • pay for all necessary permissions