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shared purpose e.V.

A project from shared purpose e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Planning and implementation of needs-based social projects in Indonesia in close cooperation with local partner organisations.

shared purpose e.V.
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About this project

The shared purpose e.V. is a non-profit association with the vision of improving the future prospects of children and young people in Indonesia. We achieve this goal through close and continuous exchange with various partner organisations directly on site, who experience the problems of the population first hand and can therefore optimally assess the need for help. We therefore attach great importance to the exchange with the people and organisations in the respective regions in order to use the financial means in the form of donations and membership fees in a needs-oriented way. In doing so, it is important to us to start where the help is most urgently needed. 

In order to successfully realise our vision of improving the general future prospects of children and young people, we provide the necessary financial support - be it through the possibility of financing preventive health examinations or the procurement of funds for daily needs. In doing so, it is important to us to start where the help is most urgently needed. 

Our current projects are: 
  • Rice sharing program in Bali
    • Every month, a total of 80 underprivileged families from 4 districts are supplied with 5 kg of rice each by the Bali Caring Community, in order to reduce the food shortages on the Indonesian island of Bali that occurred during the Corona pandemic. 
  • Health checks for children in Bali
    • With the help of the Bali Caring Community, health checks are regularly carried out for children from remote regions or underprivileged children from orphanages. The donations are used to finance medicines, vitamins, basic foodstuffs, medical staff, hygiene articles and school supplies, which are then used according to need. 
  • Educational programme to educate and empower Indonesian youths
    • We work closely with Kampung Halaman to develop educational materials on sexual education, health, hygiene, media use, self-esteem and critical thinking for youth.
  • Caring for the Earth Class
    • In collaboration with Nuraga Bhumi Institute, we support an educational programme that teaches conservation as part of human life. From conservation and climate change in general to eco-feminism, this class encourages and promotes a return to the role of conservation as part of life's value and as a practical measure to promote change. 
Our local project manager, Bayu, ensures that the financial resources reach exactly where they are needed. 

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