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Re-Painting of the Children Houses

A project from Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.
in Kajjansi, Uganda

Re-painting the children homes is essential every couple of years. The Uganda government makes it mandaytory in order to keep the status as an orphanage.

Nico Schumann
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About this project

It is now 3 years since the buildings were last painted Because we are restricted from using super gloss, oil paint, the type of paint used which is Silk vinyl easily fades within a period of one year or two posing the necessity to repaint routinely.
This paint can’t be washed as it is the case with super gloss oil paint which can last for some extra years without re painting.
With the changing weather patterns, the look on the inside and outside of the walls in the children’s houses requires regular repainting to maintain that good look and cleanliness on the children’s residences.
During the routine inspections by the officials from the ministry of Children’s affairs and public health, we risk being closed for non compliance with the housing standards for children’s’ houses as set up by the ministry.

When we re paint the houses, we are saving a lot from the would be huge expenditure of carrying out general repair on the houses when they collapse. The ministry will no longer disturb us with threats of closure for non compliance with housing standards forchildren’s homes.