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110 Christmas-wishes come true

A project from Franziskustreff-Stiftung
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We wrap a wish list Christmas present for you for each of our 110 guests at Franziskustreff. Wrapped with wrapping paper and the name of the recipient.

Br. Paulus T.
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About this project

110 Wishes come true

Our guests
Homeless men and women come to the Franziskustreff day after day and are served breakfast on the spot. They are guests who take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief and strengthen themselves in peace so that they can start the day more motivated.

Christmas was normal for us
Receiving more than the bare necessities for a change, being allowed to have a special wish - homeless people hardly know that. At Christmas, we have been making this possible for years. WE - that's actually many, many employees of a large company; at the beginning of Advent, they pulled wish lists from our guests from a big Christmas tree and lovingly wrapped up what they wanted. And at Christmas, we personally handed over the gifts by name on behalf of the donors.

This is how Christmas must be because of Corona this year
Home office makes a lot of things possible - but also that now the staff cannot take the wish lists with them. That is why we are now taking over at Franziskustreff: taking the wishes, packing the presents. And thank you for making a gift your own. With your donation.

Sometimes more than the bare necessities ...
Homeless people have these wishes for Christmas - that's what we put in their parcel:

For example
Sleeping bag
Camping mat
Winter jacket
Drinking bottle
Thermos flask
Shaving brush
Shaving foam
Comb and hairbrush
Nail case
Writing pad
Wrist warmers
Comic books
Crime novel
Monthly ticket for city transport
Voucher prepaid card
Cinema voucher
Lindt chocolate
Surprise eggs
Red Bull
Voucher for a book


We take the wishes and wrap the gifts on your behalf. In beautiful wrapping paper, personally packed according to wish list requests.

Thank you for taking on a gift.

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