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Warm clothing for one homeless person

A project from Berliner Stadtmission
in Berlin, Germany

During the cold season, homeless people are in urgend need of warm and weatherproof clothing. With your donation, you provide one person in poverty and homelessness with clothing and warmth in freezing times.

Ninon Demuth
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About this project

Many of us associate the time before christmas with cozy evening and clandle lights, the excitement in the event of first snow or the demanding search for the right present. For those that live on the streets, this – on the otherhand – is a time of constant worry. For them, as soon as temperatures are beginning to drop, the fight against the cold begins. It is particularly hard to keep warm when its dark – the money for warm beverages is lacking and especially in times of a pandemic there are hardly any safe places to retire to.

With your help, the Berliner Stadtmission wants to save homeless people from freezing to death.
In addition to our winter-programs, such as the three "Kältebusse" – homeless shelter busses –, the mobile ambulance and the homeless night shelters, we provide people on the streets with warm clothes.

With a donation of 15 €, you make it possible to provide warm clothing for one homeless person.

Every day, we receive boxes of donated clothes and other items that we then pass on to those in need.
Behind all of that lies a tremendous effort: About 2,5 tons of clothes need to be sorted each day in the "TEXTILHAFEN", our warehose for donated items. To provide homeless people with clothes that they are actually in need of, we – for instance – can only really use 20 % of all the donated clothes that reach us. The costs of the logistics, the sorting, the storage and the transport of clothes amount to a total sum of 15 € per person served.

In order to provide people in poverty and homelessness with urgently needed weatherproof clothing, we need your help! 
Because only together, we can master this task and keep our donation system running.