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Green Christmas - Campaign for young protectors of the Amazonas-Rainforest

A project from LOVE FOR LIFE e.V.
in Lago Agrio, Ecuador

Together we strengthen children and youth empowerment in the Amazon, enhancing their potential "as protectors of the soils & ecosystems" as well as their own tools for their learning by play and transforming their ideas and hopes into action.

Thomas Hilker
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About this project

LOVE FOR LIFE's Christmas campaign strengthens children and youth empowerment in the Amazon region of Northeastern Ecuador. 

Their home is characterized by magnificent nature, but increasingly also by environmental degradation, scarcity, and the consequences of the climate crisis. While many of us wish for a white Christmas, hardly any celebration takes place in the Amazon without the hope to sustainably protect the deep green of their Rainforest. The desire to preserve and revitalize nature, its cycles, diverse expressions, and colors for future generations unites us, especially at this time!

Throughout the province of Sucumbíos, children and youth are confronted with the harsh reality that the ecosystems there are under enormous pressure from oil exploration, mining, and unsustainable agriculture. At the same time, there are hardly any educational opportunities or spaces, where free access to books, magazines, movies, games and other educational resources is granted.

This is exactly where our Christmas campaign comes in.

As part of our GREEN HEART project, a group of children and young people have created a board game that allows them to learn through play about the ecological problems in their region, and in particular about the solutions available to regenerate soils, water systems, and forests. The game is specific to the region and contains learning cards on soil conservation, reforestation, composting, and on mushroom cultures for the nature-based rehabilitation of their ecosystem. 

This Christmas campaign includes the further development, local translations, and dissemination of the game. Together with our local partner Amisacho we strengthen their capacities and create "learning spaces" on ecosystem protection, where the students can learn new, traditional, and practical knowledge about the protection of soils and ecosystems. The "young soil protectors" then pass this knowledge on to their peers, who in turn share their knowledge by playing (game, theater, circus) with their fellow students, friends, and families. Together they put their knowledge and wisdom into practice, for example by setting-up school and family gardens.

Be part of this magical campaign!
and celebrate together with us
the joy of hope, play, and love!