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Men's evening for refugees

A project from Aktion Integration e.V.
in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Once a week, AKI organises an evening for refugee men. There are meals together, games, activities and a space for open conversations. In this way, refugees can make friends and experience a feeling of home in Germany.

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About this project

In the past, AKI has noticed that refugee men in Ludwigsburg usually have little contact with the majority society and spend a lot of time at home. To counteract this, we organise a men's evening for refugee men once a week. We eat together, there is a space for open conversations, various games and activities. In this way, we live in community with people from different backgrounds. The refugee men get in touch with the majority society and can receive support in learning German, finding a job or similar. Like this, we try to do good integration work in an area that is usually not reached by the state.

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