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IPC&Friends - Fundraising 2021 to support vulnerable children in Ecuador

A project from ViaNiños e.V.
in Quito, Ecuador

Thanks to donations, Cenit serves at-risk children and their families by facilitating educational, psychological and health services. Food packages support families who struggle immeasurably with the lack of income during the pandemic.

Dr. Oswald Eva-Maria
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About this project

Cenit is a non-profit organisation in Quito, Ecuador with the vision to serve at-risk children, adolescents and their families by facilitating educational, psychological and health services. The eradiction of child labour and the protection of children's rights is Cenit's longterm aim. Therefore, social workers reach out to vulnerable children and their families in Quito's poorest market sectors with the goal to place them in educational programs.
Since September 2021, Cenit has seen families return to the markets and the support workers can once again get out to play, socialise and teach the children life skills. But the situation remains challenging as many children have faced increased levels of poverty and abuse during the pandemic. They need help more than ever.

ViaNinos e.V., an German association finances the salaries of the majority of Cenit´s social workers, teachers and nurses. Due to the long lasting pandemic, the situation of at-risk children has got worse and social workers are key to provide educational and health support. Additionally, study supplies and food packages are of highest importance to fulfill essential needs as families have struggled immeasurably with the lack of income.
We, IPC & Friends, can jointly donate to support heavily affected children and their families during the long lasting Covid-19 pandemic. Your donations will make a child smile.