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SpeakOut - German Course for Refugees and Migrants

A project from Über den Tellerrand Frankfurt e.V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

At SpeakOut we believe that language is key for integration. We therefore aim to create a safe space for joint language learning and social interaction for our students.

Nita Stine Schaub (SpeakOut)
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About this project

Language is the key to integration - especially in Germany. Many refugees and migrants who live in Frankfurt realise this. They have attended integration courses, sometimes work in casual jobs, have looked for jobs and have realised at some point that nothing works without a good knowledge of German. This is the problem we at SpeakOut are tackling!

We are a group of about 15 volunteers of all ages and different qualifications. We are united by our commitment to refugees and migrants who - for whatever reason - have fallen out of the official language integration system. Therefore, we offer language courses on A1 level for refugees and migrants four times a week.

What do our Participants Need?
B1 is the magic word. In Germany, you need the B1 language level to gain qualified access to the labour market. But B1 is not something you can just achieve in an integration course. The vast majority of our participants lack this course, others were struggling with it, whether due to a lack of learning culture or because of trauma. Many have lived in Frankfurt for years, sometimes still isolated, sometimes in fear for their families in Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Eritrea or various other countries of origin.

What our addressees always need are more language courses. They need to keep in touch with the language, repeat the basics of the German grammar. With us, they can do this at their own pace and in an interactive and fun environment receiving intensive and individual support. Social engagement is another core element of the course - the participants meet different teachers who enjoy teaching and give the refugees the extra motivation needed along the way. 

What Do We Offer?
Mondays to Thursdays: a basic course at level A1.
For advanced learners, there is an additional conversation course once a week on a variety of topics and to review grammatical basics.

We Need Your Support!
In order to be able to support our students in the best possible way, we need financial ressources in addition to motivation and voluntary commitment. We are dependent on donations, primarily to finance teaching materials and monthly transportation tickets.
In addition, after the A1 course, we often try to finance further professional language courses at the VHS, including a language certificate, up to the important B1 level. We appreciate every contribution to help refugees and migrants in Frankfurt to access the labour market and everyday life through German language skills.