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IKEM's '50 for 55' Campaign for the Energy Transition

A project from Institut für Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilität
in Berlin, Germany

No action is ever too small to have a major impact, especially when it comes to climate change! Your donation prepares communities for the energy transition, supports cutting-edge climate research, and trains the next generation of climate leaders.

Kate Miller
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About this project

Who we are
The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) is a Berlin-based NGO that develops political, economic and legal solutions to today’s energy challenges. Our groundbreaking research deepens public understanding of the energy transition, facilitates fact-based policymaking, and provides long-term strategies for environmental, economic and social sustainability. 
What we do 
IKEM’s goal is to advance the transition to sustainability in both policy and practice. The institute brings together around 60 employees from a variety of fields, including law, political science, economics, sociology and engineering. Our four interdisciplinary teams tackle specific questions related to the energy transition, such as: 
  • How can we update existing laws and policies to accommodate new climate-friendly solutions – from urban micro-forests to self-driving electric cars?
  • How can we incorporate autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and digitalisation into sustainable mobility concepts?
  • How can we mobilise and allocate investment capital to support climate targets?
  • How can we increase public engagement in the energy transition? 

About this project
At IKEM, protecting our planet is our primary mission. It’s the motivation behind everything we do – from our work with coal regions seeking an equitable transition to sustainability, to our proposals for ambitious climate legislation, to our programmes that train the next generation of climate experts. 
We’d like to do even more for the planet in 2022. And we can – with your support. That’s why we’re launching our ‘50 for 55’ Campaign for the Energy Transition. 
Why ‘50 for 55’? The EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package sets an ambitious goal: to reduce emissions by at least 55% over the next decade – putting Europe on track to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050!  
We've organised our campaign to highlight the vital role of the energy transition in achieving climate neutrality. Throughout our social media campaign, we’ll share 50 ways our work contributes to this goal. 

For every €50 we raise, our strategic partners have pledged to contribute €55 to our campaign, up to €2,000. That means that your donation of €50 will have more than twice the impact – but we still need 160 donations of €50 to reach our €10,000 fundraising target by 14 December. 
With your help, we can expand IKEM’s existing initiatives and launch new ones – like a research programme for doctoral students and a ‘climate watch group’ that monitors governmental progress on climate targets. 

Thank you for your support!